About Us

The Problem.

BRIDGE Foundation, (Bringing Resources In Diverse Global Education) is a non-profit organization founded in late 2016 to fund schools in the rural poverty areas of China. These areas are in deep, jungle-like mountains that have limited access to communications and transportations. The Foundation will help many students that live in poverty by providing them a positive study environment and giving scholarships to those who excel in their academics and most improved students. This way the children will be encouraged and allowed to go to school instead of forced to do farm work.

The conditions of these dorms are unlivable. Although China is seen as a developed country, only its urban areas are focused to be provided for. Rural areas like this are not a priority. Crapped bunk beds fit 2 or even 3 people on one bed, and 12-18 people can sleep on these 3 bunk beds. Mattresses and blankets are not provided, leaving the children cold during the harsh winters. Moreover, there isn’t any running water, so showers and sinks are nonexistent and toilets are ditches were the insects thrive.

The Solution.

Since these students in MaLiPo live happier working and are not motivated to continue their education, their future occupational opportunities are stunted. Our goal at BRIDGE is to create a brand and sell products where 100% of the profits will go towards providing these kids with education.


Dear Laura,
You are extending an honor to me that I am happy to acknowledge. Your new charitable organization supporting impoverished children in China deserves high praise and reveals rare traits of character in someone so young. Leadership is something you can practice for life. Congratulations!
Feel free to invoke my name to promote your dreams. You remind me of my sister-in-law Pat Nixon who was always looking for ways to help those less fortunate. Pat would have offered you encouragement at every turn. She was a great First Lady!
Best wishes and keep me in mind if you think I can help.

Ed Nixon

Our Mission!

Our mission is to further education, to provide greater occupational opportunities for students who live in underdeveloped areas globally.

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